Bob Cornner

Bob Cornner
Visting St. Andrew's Torrance

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It seems rather strange that in a land of so many choices to meet our various consumer demands there are really only two choices we have when it comes to a presidential race.

We human beings are rather diverse in our interests and expectations of the sort of world we want to live in and yet our current system of governing ourselves boils us all down into two groups and two candidates.

Of course, there will be those who decide not to decide and refuse to vote for either candidate while others will vote for a Green Party or some other lesser known party to signal their resistance to this every four year ritual.

There will also be those who will vote for one or the other candidate and not feel totally satisfied believing that they have voted for the person to avoid allowing the other candidate to win.

I guess at 2:00 AM in the morning*, in between my prayer times in the evening and in the morning, I have thought about the folks in my own congregation who will be going to vote in this coming election and will be casting their ballots for either Governor Romney or President Obama.

But at the end of this election cycle, we will all return to the very different and often hard to please folks who have managed to agree on either one or the other candidate as a way of moving on and hoping for the best. We will also return to the task of voting each day for God's love to be our way of life or voting to make our differences a stumbling block to loving as God loves us and as Jesus showed us how to love one another.

Last Sunday we prayed the collect that asked God for the gifts of Faith (seeing the world and others through the eyes of Jesus), Hope (living into the vivaciousness of God's patient work in each one of us and in the grand scheme of things that will bring us all to a place of the final gift of Charity, which is the God love life). I simply asked my parish family divided, no doubt, between the two presidential candidates, to vote in the power and desire for these three gifts in their hearts.

My life as a Christian is not to despise or demonize those who see things differently. Anyone can do that including me on my not so good days, but to love my neighbor who votes differently, prays differently, believes differently, looks differently, shops differently and to love that other person in the power of God's Spirit is the way Jesus walked and the way he invites us to walk with him. That is what it means to be a disciple, a learner.

When we have voted and I hope we all get out and vote, let us come back together and do the most important sort of voting we have been gifted to do: vote in our daily lives for God's life of love. This is the daily voting that makes the real difference in our world. Amen.

*NOTE: It looks like I may not be getting to sleep at all tonight owing to a dose of Prednisone for asthma, but this time late in the night and early into the morning for sorting things out.